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Interviews & Podcasts

Ethical perceptions of lawyers

In this podcast from Nov 2020, I discuss the public's view of ethical standards in the legal profession with Jerome Doraisamy, deputy editor of Lawyers Weekly and Megan Motto, CEO of Governance Institute of Australia

Shaping a more humane world

As a Monash University alumna, I was humbled to feature in the university's alumni magazine on my work empowering corporations and other entities to progress human rights.

Integrative lawyers of the world

In this 2021 interview, I talk about my practice and being an integrative lawyer on the Integrative Lawyers of the World podcast.  Essentially, for me it's about balancing self-agency with service to others. 

Woman of the week interview

An interview with the University of Melbourne Women in Commerce and Politics club, in which I discuss my career and work in modern slavery, ESG and impact.



Lessons from the first modern slavery statements

Looking back at the first year of reporting, this article covers practical lessons from direct experience and how to improve modern slavery compliance. Plus, a look ahead to the future. 

Responding to a modern slavery incident

Modern slavery incidents consume management time, impact reputation and attract media and consumer backlash. A sound response plan is essential.

Purpose, governance and funding for start-ups

Start-ups are ideal platforms for embedding purpose. The right governance model can boost a purposeful start-up. Securing purposeful funding is the key. 


Authored Works

ESG and Impact Investing Australia

Lexology ESG and Impact Investing 2022.jpg

International Business Acquisitions, Major Legal Issues and Due Diligence 4th ed. 

Hong Kong chapter

International Business Acquisitions Major Legal Issues

Joint Ventures: Jurisdictional Comparisons 1st ed.

Hong Kong chapter

Joint Ventures Jurisdictional Comparisons

Competition Law in Asia-Pacific

Hong Kong chapter

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