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Using the Law to build
Earth-friendly Enterprises and Ecosystems.



Geraldine Johns-Putra, principal lawyer at Geraldine Grace

Geraldine Johns-Putra is an experienced corporate lawyer, using the law to build impactful, human-centred, Earth-friendly legal enterprises & ecosystems. 
For happier humans and a better planet.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia.
I am an expert in ESG, impact, business & human rights and modern slavery.

I established my law practice in 2020, focussing on enterprises seeking purpose, and actors in the impact economy. 

I am legal advisor to not-for-profits with a national reach in impact and purpose.

I work with Boards to optimise performance and help enterprises embed purpose and integrate human rights into their business.

I have over 25 years' experience practising law in Australia, the UK, Hong Kong and mainland China. 

I have worked for large global and Australian law firms and was a partner of a top-tier Australian law firm for several years.

I sit on the peak governing body of Australia's largest university.

My mission is to use the law to build more impactful legal enterprises & ecosystems for a happier world.


Geraldine Johns-Putra, principal lawyer at Geraldine Grace


I regularly speak on ESG, impact, purpose, modern slavery, and business & human rights.
I will engage, educate and inspire your audience, sharing insights from years of working within the impact economy, with social enterprises and B Corporations, and my passion and unique perspective on how more purposeful enterprises will create a happier future. 

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