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The first blog post: Geraldine Grace

There's a first time for everything.

Welcome to my blog, the first I am posting as Geraldine Grace, a solo lawyer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I spent more than 20 years practising as a corporate lawyer in law firms, including some of the largest international and Australian firms, the last few years as a partner.

From 2005, I lived and worked in Sydney, Shanghai, London and Hong Kong.

In 2016, I returned home to Melbourne. Shortly after, and following years of advising on large scale corporate transactions and complex mergers and acquisitions, I began transforming my practice to impact investing, corporate governance and business & human rights.

At the end of 2020, I established Geraldine Grace, my own niche law practice.

My purpose is to use the law to build more purposeful enterprises for a happier world.

I take a holistic view of governance and believe that enterprises ought be governed with purpose at the centre, not as an adjunct. Purpose needs to be embedded in an enterprise.

And that purpose must be centred on the human and aligned with nature.

We are shifting collectively towards a new form of business, business as a source of livelihood and human innovation as well as being true human-centred, Earth-friendly enterprises. To accelerate the shift, we must continue to collaborate with each other, accept and learn from mistakes, accumulate incremental gains and be prepared to embrace more radical change.


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